I Had to Laugh, My Bio

This is my bio page. All the experts in publicity say you have to have one. Here is mine.

The unofficial title of this blog is: “I Had to Laugh.” It is my contention in practically all areas of life, if you don’t laugh you’ll start crying and never stop. Hence the name.

I grew up in North Idaho, joined the United States Air Force at 18–Jimmy Carter and I served our country together–and married at 19. I was an unspectacular aircraft mechanic and a pretty good wing training geek. Those were the days when computers took up acres and still had less computing power than my antiquated flip phone. I left the service when Reagan was inaugurated. That figures. I joined just in time for the Carter military decimation years and left just as another president was trying to restore some respect.

The Husband and I moved to Missouri to to be near his family. We stayed for seven years, having two kids in the process. Then, in 1989 we moved to Portland, Oregon to start a church.

Now I write novels with the hopes of making a living. My philosophy of writing is:

Serious literary art tends to be honest; as such, it often confront realities–the search for love, the ugliness of evil, the futility of life without God, the mysterious splendors of ordinary life. ~ Gene Edward Veith, JR.

The fascinating modern age in which we live makes that a possibility.

From my lips to God’s ears.

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Take care–Susan Kaye