The Awards Season Begins.

Last night was the Golden Globe awards. I’m not even sure who votes on them because I didn’t watch them. I never do. The idea of watching a lot of highly privileged people bathing in the glow of self-congratulation is not what I want to do on a Sunday evening.

Anyway, I am a hypocrite since I’m going to show you the award we the authors of A Very Austen Valentine got the other day.

Ta Da:

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More Agreeably Engaged Favorite of 2018

This award comes from Janet T’s blog, More Agreeably Engaged. Trundle on over and take a look around. You’ll be glad you did.

P. S. I still don’t know what the Golden Globes are. <shrug>

2 thoughts on “The Awards Season Begins.

  1. Context is king. If you are basking in the glow of the MAE award swilling champagne and mortgaging the house for Harry Winston diamonds, I think you’re shallow. If you just have a spring-
    in-your step for a job well done, I’m right there with you.


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