Why Anne and Frederick?

By far the favorite book in the Austen canon is Pride and Prejudice. Less than half as many readers cite one of the other main novels as their favorite when polled. I am one of those less than half. I do like P&P, I just don't LOVELOVELOVE it as so many do. The boy-meets-girl-he-doesn't-really-like-but-comes-to-love-eventually story … Continue reading Why Anne and Frederick?


Wentworth Wednesday

In the opening of Chapter 18 of Persuasion, Anne receives a letter from Mary, dated February 1st. How exciting! We are all together in the same dreary days of winter. The letter was delivered by the Crofts, who came to Bath for the Admiral's gout. I guess gout was shameful as everyone seemed to be … Continue reading Wentworth Wednesday